I’m excited to announce today some important changes here at TwoDesk Software Company.  Our mission has always been to make your work easier and more enjoyable, and these changes will go a long way towards accomplishing that.

To start out, I’d like to describe the problem that we want to solve:

Our flagship product, Castalia, is all about bleeding-edge IDE technology.  For example, Castalia was the first to add real, significant refactoring capabilities to the Delphi IDE, Castalia was the first to add live syntax checking to Delphi, and Castalia was the first to add inline variable declaration to Delphi, among many other “firsts” and “bests.”

Of course, being in that “bleeding-edge” business, things move fast.  We have new ideas all the time; there are new things we want to give you, new tools we want to put in your hands.

But, we can’t just put every new feature we create into the product as soon as it’s done.  If we did that, then there would never be any reason for you to upgrade to a new version, and we’d go out of business.  That’s bad for us AND bad for you.

So, we have to sit on these new features, sometimes for more than a year, until the time is right for a new major version release.

…Or do we?

Effective today, we are eliminating the concept of a “new version” from the TwoDesk product line.  Instead, we aim to release an update about every quarter, which will include not only bugfixes and minor enhancements, but major new features as well!  New ideas will go right into the product and into your hands, without us sitting on them forever before you actually see them.

This is very exciting to me, because I won’t have to wait for a year or more to get my work to you, and get your feedback on it, and then make it even better.

This also means that we are moving to a subscription-based business for our products.

Let me make one thing very clear up front: Your license to use one of our products will NEVER expire.

Subscriptions give you access to continued updates (via the customer service website at http://subscribe.twodesk.com).  If you decide not to renew your subscription, your license does not expire – you can keep using the software as long as you like, you just won’t get the quarterly updates.

Nitty-gritty details:

Customers who bought Castalia 5 have been given a one-year subscription from their original date of purchase.

Customers who bought Castalia 3 or 4, but did not purchase Castalia 5, have been given retroactive subscriptions that expired on Jan 1, 2007.

You can check your expiration date at http://subscribe.twodesk.com, using the same password that you used on the old customer service site (which was at http://my.twodesk.com).

We are very excited about this change in our business, and the motivation it will provide us to get great new features out to you sooner, rather than later.