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On the list of things that make me crazy: When you’re debugging code, and can’t seem to figure out the cause of a problem.  So, you write in some test code to help find the error, and somehow the test code makes the error go away.

I may now be looking at a true Heisenbug.

Attention Delphi Webmasters

Posted on May 22nd, 2008 in Business, Delphi | 2 Comments »

If you run a website, be it a blog, informational site, or something else, this is for you.  If not, feel free to skip.

The last few weeks I’ve been head-down with a partner starting a new business: The Wingspan Advertising Network. Wingspan is a new genre-specific advertising network that helps put brands together with people who are interested in their products.  Today, we’re beginning signups for beta testing, and we’re beta testing with a Delphi advertising network.

In a nutshell, we want you to sign up with us and host advertisements that we’ll provide.

And we want to pay you to do it.

Here’s how it works (directly from the wingspan website):

Each month, a portion of the advertising fees paid by advertisers is placed in “the pot.” At the end of the month, we review the number of impressions (views) and clickthroughs generated by your website, and determine what percentage of all the impressions and clickthroughs for your network is represented by you. You then receive a proportionate part of the pot.

For example, if the pot for your network this month is $5000, and you generate 10% of the impressions and clickthroughs for the month, you will receive 10% of $5000, or $500. Both ad impressions and clickthroughs are counted, so as long as people are looking at your website, you are sure to generate revenue through Wingspan.

Wingspan is currently invitation-only, but if you’re a webmaster who’s running a website about Delphi (the programming language), then you’re invited.

To sign up, head over to and follow the directions.

There is more information at