Castalia 2008.3 is now available.

Current customers can get it at

Everyone else can try a free trial at

What’s new in Castalia 2008.3:

* Support for Delphi 2009 IDE

* Parser Support for Unicode source files in Delphi 2009

* Bugfix: Inline variable declaration fires on Ctrl+Space

* Bugfix: Embedded text search doesn’t take selected text

* Bugfix: “Rename Parameter” refactoring doesn’t work for procedures
and functions that are not members of a class: The parameter¬† isn’t
renamed in the method declaration.

* Keyboard hints in embedded text search can be turned off

* Bugfix: “Extract Method” and other refactorings format code with a
begin/end/else/if/end structure incorrectly.

* Improvements in member name recognition for the “Eliminate With”

* Improved identifier resolution for all refactorings

* Improved handling of compiler “define” directives in parser

* Support for parameterized type (aka “generics”) syntax

* Support for anonymous method syntax