I’m very excited to announce the latest version of Castalia, the ultimate tool for Delphi developers.

The major focus of Castalia 2009.2 has been improving the parser and adding support for many language features that have been added to Delphi in recent years. I’m very happy to say that the Castalia Delphi parser is now fully up-to-date.

In addition, Castalia 2009.2 includes the following improvements over the previous version:

* Fixed: “Index Out of Bounds” error during some context switches
* Fixed: Some Castalia features not available after line 30768 in the code editor
* Fixed: Access violation when firing a code template with an empty scope

Castalia users with a current maintenance subscription can download version 2009.2 today at http://subscribe.twodesk.com.

Everyone else can grab the free trial at http://www.twodesk.com/castalia.