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New game for iPhone: Obechi

Posted on February 11th, 2010 in Games, iPhone | No Comments »

From the creators of the Flash sensation Boomshine comes a devious new game where hand/eye co-ordination and a lightning-quick reaction time spell the difference between success and failure. Hundreds of colorful particles floating in the ether – and it’s your job to put them all together. Click and hold down the mouse button to make a ring around the dots, and watch them all gather in the center. With every ring you create you’ll get closer and closer to your target… but miss the target, even by one, and the nucleus is ruined. How quickly can you complete all fifteen levels without making a single mistake? The challenge is on…

Danny Miller and I just released a new game for iPhone called Obechi. It’s a native iPhone version of the flash game at, and it’s quite addictive.

Find it on the iTunes App Store.

Boomshine Issues

Posted on May 11th, 2009 in Games, iPhone | 1 Comment »

Several people have reported issues with the iPhone game Boomshine.  We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as we can.  Part of the permanent resolution will be a new release of Boomshine on the App store (which will of course be a free update to everyone who has bought Boomshine already), but that will take a few days for Apple to approve.  Please be patient.

Just released: my new iPhone game

Posted on October 6th, 2008 in Games, iPhone | 9 Comments »

I’ve written a new game, Boomshine, for the iPhone/iPod touch, which has just become available in the App Store.

It’s a fully authorized recreation of the original Boomshine game that took the web by storm last year, which you can still play at  Here’s the official description:

Boomshine is an addictive casual game.  Touch the screen to start a chain reaction an try to explode as many dots as needed to pass a level.  The game contains 12 levels ranging from the easy to the hard (25 tries on average to beat level 12).

It was a lot of fun to write, and Danny Miller, the author of the original Boomshine, was a great help in putting it together and getting the gameplay to match the original as closely as possible.  If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch, I hope you’ll try it out; it’s highly addicting, and great fun.

Click here to open iTunes and view Boomshine in the app store.